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I am Tuan Le 👋🏼

I help business design UX and UI solutions to users' problems with design thinking mindset. 


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Procountor user right management improvement

Re-design and develop the UI so that the actual architectural solution remains. Also the aim is to find a few key functional improvements based on the customer feedback and interviews.


Finago website navigation redesign 2022

Research and design for new website navigation UX and UI. Increase first click accuracy by +37% while cut down the time on task by -68%

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MR. Booking - Meeting room booking app 

A design challenge that is to design for the booking meeting room. UX research to high fidelity prototype


Google Classroom  Redesign

For a platform that is very familiar to many people, still, It's sometimes hindering experiences. I did UX research and find out what I can improve experience with Google Class room Stream screen


Phopäivä - Visual branding

Creating visual branding for this 7-day food event in center Helsinki, which hit +700 followers on Instagram!

What do people talk about me?

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